“Die before you die. There is no chance after.” -C.S. Lewis, “Till We Have Faces”

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10 Responses to ““Die before you die. There is no chance after.” -C.S. Lewis, “Till We Have Faces””
  1. Eileen Ayrovainen says:

    thank nick! Bendiciones!

  2. Tom King says:

    Nic, best preaching I’ve ever heard in a Catholic Church. You lit a lot of fires of faith last night. I’m 77 and a lifelong Catholic, and I only wish I’d heard you speak 70 years ago. I’m meeting with my grandson, Jake, next week as his sponsor. We can’t wait to talk about what you had to say.

    • Nic says:

      Sir, that may be the greatest complement I’ve ever received. Thank you so much! Let me know if I can ever help out again in any way.

  3. Tony Cossette says:

    Nic, my wife and I saw you at St. Andrews ACIA class this week. We were told it would be an awesome class……it was. Thank-you! I am a cradle Catholic who has been away for a long time and working joyfully to return to the church. My wife is Episcopalian, she is supporting my journey, I am hoping she hears God’s call.
    Celebrate the day!

  4. Amy says:

    Nic, you gave a awesome presentation yesterday at Mary Motber of the church in Burnsville, MN. Thanks for being informative yet funny at the same time. God Bless

  5. Cecilia Bergren says:

    -Hello Nic

    -As I said early thank you!!!
    -Your speech was amazing I have never heard anybody say anything like that and it just fulled me up with laughter and joy.
    -I hope to get to know you better

    -Cecilia Bergren

  6. Linda Marx says:

    I just wanted to thank you for speaking 9/14/16 at St. Patrick’s in Eau Claire. Your talk was wonderful, but mostly I want to thank your daughter for sharing you on her special day.

  7. Mary Brehl says:

    Thank you for your phenomenal talk at St Joes in West St Paul tonight!!!! Your authenticity and humor are breathtaking and refreshing. Keep spreading your gift!

  8. Erin says:

    Hi Nic!! You are an awesome speaker!!!!! I just wanted to say thank you for your talk tonight at UW-Madison. It really helped me to realize how to speak with a friend dealing with issues of learning to love not for emotion, as well as my own desires. You are so amazing and I will pray for you and your family!!! Thank you and may God bless you!!! (Also this was definitely one of if not, my favorite “talks” I have ever heard!! It changed my view on love and God so much more!! I am ready to live this life FULLY for God!!)

  9. Joan Jay says:

    Thanks for the awesome sharing of your Catholic Faith! Keep using that amazing gift you have to spread the Good News! Our parish benefited tons from your message! God Bless you and your beautiful children 🙂

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