God’s Descent Curriculum

“The life of the liturgy does not come from what dawns upon the minds of individuals and planning groups.  On the contrary, it is God’s descent upon our world, the source of real liberation.” – Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

In conjunction with the Diocese of Duluth, I am writing a 3-year curriculum that endeavors to teach the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church, following the new standards set out by the USCCB, placed organically within the context of the 3-year lectionary cycle of readings.

God’s Descent is formatted so that parishes without the ability to pay a youth minister or DRE can implement the program and still provide quality, in-depth, orthodox, and relevant catechesis to the congregation. We have also found great success using God’s Descent as an individual adult study of both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Each lesson contains an outline and an recording of me teaching it as I would to any small group. The outlines are formatted to give as much information as possible to potential small group leaders, in order to adequately equip them to relay the faith to others.

For a more in-depth intro, listen to the Intro Session. For a taste of what each lesson sounds/looks like at this point, try the Sample Lesson below. If you have more questions, please email me at: nic.davidson@gmail.com.

To download the audio, hold “alt” and click the link. If it doesn’t work, please contact me, because that means I dreadfully messed up somewhere along the way!

Introductory Session: Outline     Audio

Sample Lesson: Second Sunday of Lent, Year A (A_L_2):  Outline    Audio

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  1. Connie says:

    Very interested in your approach. Can’t wait to see

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