My Black Friday Shopping Companion

Preface: This “Black Friday Shoppers Companion” was created to aid you in the many escapades, detours, pitfalls, and ecstasies that you’ll experience as you venture out on the day after Thanksgiving. It is meant to be read repeatedly on your phone as you shop, or printed off and crumpled in with the coupons, to be … Continue reading

Three Little Birds: A MUST SEE!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We wanted to let you in on some good news, and, true to form of the Fantastic 4, we chose to do it in song! (The freaky section was completely Davey’s idea.) As always, you can view more about our life, travels, and ever-growing family at

Trust: The Ultimate Bait-n-switch Game

One Trick Pony, One Message Fool At the risk of sounding like a broken record in everything I write, both at Ignitum and here, let me just say that you can trust God. Always, fully, wholeheartedly, without need for reservation. You can trust God. In every aspect of your life, you can trust God. In the biggest tragedies that … Continue reading