Latest Chapter In Our Adoption Story

Now this is the story all about how… My life got flip-turned upside down… So, I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there… Picking up where Chapter 7a left off; Friday afternoon arrived . . . The three of us (Nic, Whitney, and I) took the half hour drive to Calibishie to pick up the boys. … Continue reading

Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Bin Laden, and Grandma Sophie

One of the 14 part-time jobs I had while I was in college was as a messenger for a high-powered law firm in Minneapolis, MN. It was a fun mix of fast-paced stress and excitement, running from nice office to nicer office throughout the city, jetting around in the company car, and learning to operate the … Continue reading

A Church on the Way – Pretzels and Pilgrims

I am enthralled and enamored by air travel. There’s something about squishing down in a tiny seat next to a total stranger in the middle of a stale-aired, steel tube for three hours that makes me genuinely happy. I love the subtle chess game of the armrest. I love minuscule portions of food. I love … Continue reading