Slightly Urgent Update

Hey, everyone! Just an slightly urgent update. We are experiencing a passport issue with Christian and Davey. We fly out Tuesday afternoon from Atlanta and were able to get an emergency meeting at the passport office in Atlanta on Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Talk about cutting it close. We’ll have a 4-hour window to … Continue reading

Kenya 2018 – Can Ya Believe It?!?

Jacelyn and I have been given so, so much in our lives and we are very excited to give ourselves back to Him.

Wanted or Unwanted: Desire, Worth, and the Human Person

My mum was 17 when she had me. She had very little help with the pregnancy. She faced rejection, abandonment, and confusion at the onset, and 18 hours of labor, six weeks early, at the outset. She recently told me that, besides praying, she had resorted to telling herself, “Millions of women have done this … Continue reading

Two Mothers Teresa: the Art of Leaving

Saying goodbye is difficult. Leaving can be excruciating. Throughout our lives, we face countless moments of what I call “small goodbyes”, moments when we cut a certain type of attachment, regardless of the slight sting, because we’re pretty sure we know the outcome will be better. We leave home for college, college for a new job, a … Continue reading

Princess Esther and Saying Yes to Adoption

The Back Story: Adoption has always been a hope for me and Jacelyn. We knew we wanted to adopt, regardless of whether we ever had biological children. We always said we wanted to adopt older siblings, since that’s probably the demographic that people seem to desire least. We got married in 2001, and, apart from the first couple years … Continue reading

With People, Philanthropy, Not Investment

Maybe we should stop investing in our children, spouses, country, and Church. An investor is someone who gives with the expectation of gain. They put out, hoping to get back, give while hoping for gain. The problem is that, as far as I can tell, investment mentality has very little place in the life of a Christian. … Continue reading

Identity Lies & Where Your Identity Lies

“I am not yet able…to know myself; so it seems to me ridiculous, when I do not yet know that, to investigate irrelevant things.” – Plato Sometimes I’ll go all day without even glancing in a mirror and, when I finally cross paths with one, the reflection can be startling. This partly because I’ve never … Continue reading

Superman and a 38-Year-Old Boy

I love Superman. I always have. Sometimes I wonder if I love him too much. One Christmas, I received Superman underwear from three different family members. That was in 2014. When I was 35 years old. I’m sure Freud would say that even me attempting to be a writer is just so that I can … Continue reading

On Loving More

I love life. I enjoy being alive. I am not oblivious to the great gifts that God and others have given me. At least once a day, I get a small wave of giddiness at being allowed to receive the next breath or do some mundane act. So, I do love life. I just wish I loved … Continue reading

Pray “for” Others

My wife, Jacelyn, is a pit bull when it comes to anything she knows is true, right, or necessary. When she looked out the window on a dusty, dirty road in Cambodia and saw–more clearly than she ever had–the vast need in the world, it took less than a minute for her to decide to … Continue reading