“You Complete Me” and Other Lies We Tell

For the first 7 years of our marriage, I tried my darndest to be the best husband on the planet. “Get over yourself, Nic” was my mantra. Whatever she asked for, whatever she needed, whatever she wanted, I would do everything within my power to provide it. I wanted to be what I should be … Continue reading

Approaching Dignity, Skipping the Spin

Last weekend, I was one of the speakers at a pro-life rally in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. I’d never spoken at such an event, but, because I do believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every human life, which includes the unborn, I said yes. And after all, if there is any topic that can inform and bolster … Continue reading

Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Bin Laden, and Grandma Sophie

One of the 14 part-time jobs I had while I was in college was as a messenger for a high-powered law firm in Minneapolis, MN. It was a fun mix of fast-paced stress and excitement, running from nice office to nicer office throughout the city, jetting around in the company car, and learning to operate the … Continue reading

Let Us Put Our Shoes at the Back

I’m tired. I can’t think of one area of my life that isn’t taxed nearly to the breaking point. Energy is gone, finances are three days from following suit, and my pool of creativity is being used by some kids on skateboards. As I write, one of my boys is sick on the couch, zoned … Continue reading

Dying To Be Blessed

“I will not let you go unless you bless me.”  Spoken by the Patriarch Jacob, these words sum up the attitude with which we should seek God’s blessings: “I will not let you go”.  However, in today’s Christian culture, it is common to focus on the last part of the verse: “…unless you bless me.” … Continue reading