Two Mothers Teresa: the Art of Leaving

Saying goodbye is difficult. Leaving can be excruciating. Throughout our lives, we face countless moments of what I call “small goodbyes”, moments when we cut a certain type of attachment, regardless of the slight sting, because we’re pretty sure we know the outcome will be better. We leave home for college, college for a new job, a … Continue reading

Princess Esther and Saying Yes to Adoption

The Back Story: Adoption has always been a hope for me and Jacelyn. We knew we wanted to adopt, regardless of whether we ever had biological children. We always said we wanted to adopt older siblings, since that’s probably the demographic that people seem to desire least. We got married in 2001, and, apart from the first couple years … Continue reading

Adoption Update: Oh, the Suspense!

This is a re-post from our Dominica Blog: Okay, life absolutely got away from us, and the Dynamic Davidson Duo simply couldn’t keep up with the blog, but we’re back with a vengeance!  If any of you remember, we had begun a series to recount the story of our adoption process, and we really want to continue … Continue reading

“Adopting a Better Attitude” or “Embassy Sweets”

I love being let down.  I’ve started relishing the realization that I have to relinquish what I thought a given outcome would look and feel like and embrace what it really is.  After years of “casting visions” and soft-lighting all things future, and the subsequent deflation when nothing measured up to my expectations, I began to notice … Continue reading