Latest Chapter In Our Adoption Story

Now this is the story all about how…

My life got flip-turned upside down…

So, I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there…

Picking up where Chapter 7a left off; Friday afternoon arrived . . .

The three of us (Nic, Whitney, and I) took the half hour drive to Calibishie to pick up the boys. The most interesting thing we noticed upon arrival was that 13-month-old Jonathan was walking around the yard with a t-shirt wrapped around him in a MacGyver sort of way to serve as a diaper.  (Remember the last blog noting how very expensive diapers are in Dominica?)  We chatted with Stella briefly, letting her know when we’d bring Miguel and Jonathan back home.  She did have a bag of clothes packed for them, but she didn’t give us any of the helpful hints we were hoping for—such as their food preferences, bedtimes, naptimes—anything.

Her habit of not communicating is something we became painfully aware of during our year of working with her.  She offers very little information and is quite difficult to talk to.  Therefore, it only took several minutes to reach that oh-so-awkward point where nothing more can be thought of to say.  We were also driven quickly out of their yard by enormous black ants that would torment us with their stinging bites every time we visited.  Just as quickly as we came, we drove away from their little home on the hillside—still feeling a bit clueless about the precious boys who now sat next to us in the car.  As we drove away, neither of them cried, and we counted that as a good start!

Read the rest of our awesome first weekend at Now This Is A Story All About How…



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